City of Tumwater

The City of Tumwater is a founding partner of the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center, with primary interest in catalyzing redevelopment of the former Olympia Beer brewery located in the heart of Tumwater. The City continues to convene partners to advance local and regional efforts to revitalize the brewery, create a resilient economy around craft beer, cider, and spirits that benefits communities beyond Tumwater.

The City of Tumwater holds the vision that the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center hub offers a unique opportunity to grow and celebrate the art of craft of brewing, distilling, and cider-making in a collaborative environment, at a location where Northwest brewing earned its reputation for quality over a century ago. The pinnacle of this hub will reside in the beautiful and historic heart of Tumwater where the cascading falls of the Deschutes River meet the southernmost tip of Puget Sound. The site is adjacent to Washington State’s Capitol with visibility and access from Interstate 5. The hub is positioned to generate:

  • A talented and innovative workforce and new jobs
  • An expanded craft beverage industry that benefits the local and regional economy
  • Sustainable local farming opportunities
  • Economic development and museums to support cultural and eco-tourism
  • An attractive destination that honors history and culture of indigenous people, American settlers, and the evolution of craft beer, cider, and spirits
  • Infrastructure and environmental enhancement to revitalize and restore the core of Tumwater

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John Doan, City Administrator,, (360) 754-4120

Heidi Behrends Cerniwey, Assistant City Administrator/Brewery Project Manager,,  (360) 754-4128


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