South Puget Sound Community College

Center for Craft Brewing and Distilling

South Puget Sound Community College is a founding partner in the revival of the region’s craft brewing and distilling industry.

Graphic that describes the economic impact of the brewing and distilling industry in Thurston County. The graphic includes agriculture, business, education, retail, travel and entertainment, finance, transportation, manufacturing and construction, and wholesale. The total impact is the addition of 662 local jobs and 101 million dollars into the local economy.For SPSCC, this opportunity is rooted in providing education to build the workforce that will be the backbone of this growth. This means not only developing ground-breaking curriculum that is specific to the science and art of brewing and distilling, but also leveraging existing curriculum in fields such as business administration, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and more to support every aspect of this industry.

While continually working with local and regional stakeholders to ensure a strong infrastructure, supply chain, and job opportunities are in place, we are primarily focused on developing state-of-the-art curricular offerings that will position our graduates to not just work in the industry, but to lead the industry.

This program will lead to long-term, living-wage jobs for hundreds of people in our local community and thousands throughout the region.

What is SPSCC currently doing?

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Summer 2016

  • Development of minimum space requirements and assessment
  • Establish advisory committee for program(s) development

Fall 2016

  • Prepare Program Approval Request (PAR) for the State Board (SBCTC) for Brewing, Cider, and Distilling programs

Winter/Spring 2017

  • Develop for-credit Brewing and Cider program curriculum
  • Recruit faculty for Brewing and Cider program

Fall 2017

  • Launch for-credit Brewing and Cider programs

In 2018

  • Develop Distilling program curriculum*
  • Launch for-credit Distilling program*

*Contingent upon SBCTC approval of the Program Approval Request

How you can get involved now

SPSCC currently offers classes that introduce people to craft brewing and distilling through partnerships with local craft producers.  These classes help people to connect with the legacy of brewing through tours of the Old Brewhouse site and create recreational opportunities to educate consumers about craft beer, cider, and spirits, and the art and science of the craft.  Find these classes on our website at

SPSCC provides training to a talented, creative, and diverse workforce across trades and disciplines.  Through a partnership with the Thurston Economic Development Council, we operate the Center for Business and Innovation and offer business development training, mentorship, and services to entrepreneurs. SPSCC work closely with industry partners to establish and customize programs in to meet the needs of those industries.  We are part of a college network in Washington State with 34 partners that collaborate and share resources to strengthen today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.


Noel Rubadue
Dean for Corporate & Continuing Education
(360) 754-7711 ext 2011

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