Together, we tell the stories of CRAFT!

Amazing things are happening in our community and across the State to advance the craft beer, cider, and spirits movement. Washington is poised to use this CRAFT movement to create a ripple effect that grows jobs, return on investments, and thriving communities. Together, we’re doing our part to support that growth by creating a Craft Brewing & Distilling Center. This hub builds on Tumwater’s legacy of brewing to benefit our Thurston County community and CRAFT.

We’ve created a BLOG (and website)—that you can follow—to keep up with the exciting activities, investments, programs, and events that grow CRAFT and the hub. We’re telling the stories of real people in our community and beyond, that are taking amazing and innovative actions to make great craft beverages, to grow heritage grains and specialty agriculture, create new markets, expand entrepreneurial jobs and to connect their communities through CRAFT.

Private business and public agencies—South Puget Sound Community College, Thurston Economic Development Council and the Center for Business & Innovation, and the City of Tumwater, for starters—will share stories about how CRAFT and the Craft Brewing & Distilling Center are making a big impact that ripples across the economy. Revitalizing the former Olympia Beer brewery and restoring the iconic Old Brewhouse in Tumwater are the genesis of the partnership and those stories will be shared here too.

Follow the BLOG

Visit our website at and follow the BLOG to learn how you can be a part of growing CRAFT and help our community continue to thrive.

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