SPSCC is hiring a Director of Craft Brewing and Distilling (is it you?)

South Puget Sound Community College seeks a creative, dynamic, and collaborative individual to fill the position of Director of Craft Brewing and Distilling in the Craft Brewing and Distilling Program. Read the full job description and requirements >> The Director is responsible for the marketing and development of the Craft Brewing and Distilling Program and provides coordination and direction to faculty and students in the program. The Director will work closely with the faculty in the program to successfully meet industry standards and incorporate student competencies and curriculum. The Director will work closely… Read More

It’s the Hops

Known for its taste and bitterness, India Pale Ales, or IPAs, continue to be a favorite among craft beer lovers.  It’s the hops – a small, green flower with citrusy, piney flavors – that gives IPAs that unmistakable taste. In the last year, Yakima Valley has grown more hops than any other place in the world, making these hop farms a destination for craft brewers. Shopping for hops: Brewers’ annual journey to find the best hops The craft beer movement in the U.S. has been powered by hops, the flower that gives beer a… Read More