It’s the Hops

Known for its taste and bitterness, India Pale Ales, or IPAs, continue to be a favorite among craft beer lovers.  It’s the hops – a small, green flower with citrusy, piney flavors – that gives IPAs that unmistakable taste. In the last year, Yakima Valley has grown more hops than any other place in the world, making these hop farms a destination for craft brewers.

Shopping for hops: Brewers’ annual journey to find the best hops


CBS News’ Dana Jacobson reports from Yakima.

The craft beer movement in the U.S. has been powered by hops, the flower that gives beer a wide range of flavor. The American craft beer industry produces just over 12 percent of the beer brewed in America, but consumes a staggering 40 percent of domestically grown hops. Most of that crop comes from the Yakima Valley in Washington state, where top brewers head every September to personally shop for their hops.


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