City of Tumwater

The City of Tumwater is a founding partner of the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center, with primary interest in catalyzing redevelopment of the former Olympia Beer brewery located in the heart of Tumwater. The City continues to convene partners to advance local and regional efforts to revitalize the brewery, create a resilient economy around craft beer, cider, and spirits that benefits communities beyond Tumwater. The City of Tumwater holds the vision that the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center hub offers a unique opportunity to grow and celebrate the art of craft of… Read More

South Puget Sound Community College

Center for Craft Brewing and Distilling South Puget Sound Community College is a founding partner in the revival of the region’s craft brewing and distilling industry. For SPSCC, this opportunity is rooted in providing education to build the workforce that will be the backbone of this growth. This means not only developing ground-breaking curriculum that is specific to the science and art of brewing and distilling, but also leveraging existing curriculum in fields such as business administration, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and more to support every aspect of this industry. While continually working with local… Read More

Thurston Economic Development Council

The Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC) provides regional services to enhance the economic fabric and vitality of Thurston County. The Thurston EDC provides a mix of programs and projects that supply entrepreneurs, small businesses, firms, and partner organizations with comprehensive and innovative services to support their growth and the strengthen diversity of the local economy. The Thurston EDC administers the Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ) that connects local brewers, distillers, and cider-makers with connections to workforce development, industry-specific training services, and research institutions to grow strong businesses and markets around craft beer, cider,… Read More

Washington State

Washington State Department of Commerce designated a Craft Brewing & Distilling Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ). This partnership was developed to advance craft brewing, distilling, and cider-making in the region. It is strong on education and workforce development, entrepreneurship, industry, research, and public partners to accelerate economic advancement and innovation. Spearheaded by the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC), plus South Puget Sound Community College, School of Food Science at Washington State University/University of Idaho, the City of Tumwater and a platform of local brewers, cider-makers, and distillers. The application was supported by the… Read More

WSU Extension

For over 100 years, Washington State University (WSU) has been connecting with you, your neighbors, and your community through our Extension programs. Every day, Thurston County Extension works to extend the university’s knowledge—addressing real-world issues to help find new opportunities for our farmers, natural resource managers, families, young people, and business leaders to become successful and thrive. WSU Extension Thurston County is the agricultural advocate for the Craft Brewing & Distilling Center Hub. WSU Extension Thurston County provides research-based information and educational programs to farmers, consumers, decision-makers, and others involved in the South… Read More