Vision for the Hub

Tumwater and the surrounding area is a hub that convenes talent and resources in producing craft beer, cider, and spirits to benefit local and regional economies. Public and private partners are working together to realize the vision for the education facility, agriculture, and business infrastructure to:

  • Expand industry related educational offerings and develop a talented and entrepreneurial workforce
  • Add value to agricultural products to revitalize the specialty crops in Washington and the Northwest
  • Establish an incubator to support small business startups and sector growth
  • Leverage investment funding
  • Provide a resilient creative class and strong entrepreneurial sector with living wage jobs
  • Grow markets to realize the full potential of craft beverages in the international market
  • Create a structure that supports and enhances collaboration between and across stakeholders
  • Revitalize one of the original American settlements and revitalize the legacy of the former brewery site in the shadow of the State Capitol
  • Establish an international reputation for quality and excellence

Efficiencies of the hub range from the close proximity and variety of transportation options (port, rail, airport, and interstate) available to the benefits created by the reputation and excitement the fully realized Craft Beer and Distilling Center will generate.  Farms, supplies and other resources are conveniently located, because sufficient business has attracted them to the area or caused local businesses expand to meet increased demand.  An entrepreneurial and cooperative spirit infuses the community.  Some efficiencies are by design and others will come from the ingenuity of the partners working together to streamline processes and share resources in a mutually beneficial manner.

Once up and running the hub will serve as a gathering place for conferences, concerts and other events.

Find out what’s happening at What’s on Tap?

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