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The Craft Brewing and Distilling Center hub is important because it grows regional prosperity.

We believe communities prosper when people have space to connect.  To build flourishing, connected communities, entrepreneurs, educators, farmers, and cities are convening around growing the craft beer, cider, and spirits movement.  Located in the Tumwater area and Thurston County, an expanding circle of engaged people are collaborating and bringing this vision to life.   Learn more About the Hub.

Legacy, location, support, and partnership make Tumwater the perfect place.

The heart of this Craft Brewing and Distilling Center hub is the historic Old Brewhouse located in Tumwater, Washington. Once the thriving center of Tumwater, for 100 years this site was known worldwide for its Artesian springs that produced pristine water for brewing beer. Leopold Schmidt started brewing here in 1896. Prohibition ended his efforts in 1916, but the Olympia Brewery revitalized the site in 1933. The company was an economic staple in the community for decades, until its closure in 2003. Now these buildings are entering a new phase, as the heart of a hub that will revitalize local and statewide communities through craft beer, cider, and spirits. Partners are working together to make this happen.  With access to road, air, rail, and water transit, Tumwater lends itself to opportunity for those who become part of this craft movement.

Now is the time to lead the craft beverage movement.

Demand for craft beer, cider, and spirits far outpaces supply.  Business is booming, and the time to jump in is now.  The energy and people needed to bring this vision to life are already in place.  The hub has features in existence and others firmly in the works. An Innovation Partnership Zone awarded by the Washington State Department of Commerce provides a formal stamp to the expanding web of partners working together to bring the full potential of craft beer, cider, and spirits to life.

This benefits agriculture, supply chain, related sectors, and tourism.

Imagine a thriving hub of small and medium sized businesses; a community rejuvenated by the making of craft beverages with ingredients sources in Washington State; equipment, supplies, distribution and development support; a place for businesses, guilds and associations to convene; an education center dedicated to training skilled workers and entrepreneurs as well as advancing the brewing and distilling arts; a beautiful and historic destination for tourists and connoisseurs; a steadily increasing source of prosperity and quality jobs; and an agriculture community across Washington working their fields and orchards to provide specialty crops; all founded on tradition and responsive to today’s world.

Craft beer, cider, and spirits events and activities grow visibility of the industry and the hub.

Events and activities are growing the brand of craft beer, cider, and spirits.  This website is devoted to sharing the story of activities currently underway, and a place that gives voice to those who are collaborating in its growth.  Your story, presence, and events may well belong here too.  Do you have a story to tell? Get involved today.


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