Legacy of Brewing

Bringing “brew” back…

The Old Brewhouse and the former Olympia Beer brewery, both located in Tumwater, Washington, are the catalyst and roots of the Craft Brewing and Distilling Center hub. Their redevelopment is an important component of this effort.  The former brewery has over 1 million square feet available with owners who are working hard to plan and revitalize this space.  Situated in the beautiful and historic heart of Tumwater where the cascading falls of the Deschutes River meet the southernmost tip of Puget Sound, the site is adjacent to Washington State’s Capitol with easy access from Interstate 5.

There is more to this place than location.  For over a century, the Olympia Beer brewery enjoyed worldwide fame for brewing beer from Artesian springs. Leopold Schmidt started brewing here in 1896.  Prohibition ended his efforts in 1916, but the Olympia Brewery revitalized the site in 1933.  The company was an economic staple in the community for decades, until its closure in 2003.  Now these buildings are entering a new phase, as the heart of a hub that will revitalize local and statewide communities through craft beer, cider, and spirits.

Read more about this rich history on the City of Tumwater website.

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