Tart Cider makes a splash in the small business community

Earlier this month, the founders of Tart Cider, Zoe Van Schyndel and Nicholas Timm, won first prize of $25,000 cash in a Business Plan Competition organized by VIBE, the Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship at University of Washington Tacoma. The win also brings with it up to $25,000 in consulting services for the start-up from local law firms, accountants and commercial real estate advisers.

Tart Cider wins VIBE award

Tart Cider owners accept VIBE award

Veterans and co-founders, Van Schyndel and Timm, met at The Evergreen State College where they learned that they both share a passion for cider. Van Schyndel teaches business at Evergreen and Timm was one of her best students.

Tart Hard Cider is a commercial cidery that produces a hard cider targeted to consumers looking for a refreshing, dry cider. Tart is distinguished by fresh pressed apples and has significantly less sugar than most commercial ciders.

Distribution plans for Tart are centered on U.S.-made stainless steel kegs, rather than bottles, with a focus on environmental sustainability. Production is done at a solar powered cidery with apples from the Pacific Northwest and equipment made in the U.S.


Find them at tartcidery.com

Tart plans to establish its flagship hard apple cider, and then release additional products with a “tart theme” periodically throughout the year. Seasonal ciders will also be part of the team’s offerings with specialty ciders tailored to holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Years.

Tart Hard Cider is a true example that the entrepreneurial spirit and passion found in craft, combined with smart business planning can truly pay dividends.

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